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Each piece of Taemtakor woven silk encapsulates centuries of focused tradition, proudly passed down from generation to generation, a product that you instantly recognize as a voice from the past, an age before factories and mass consumerism, a quieter time when things were done differently.

The painstaking process of weaving each piece by hand, and laboriously tinting it according to ancient processes, results in patterns and colors that are unique. With each piece taking weeks to make, with the concentrated attention of one expert weaver, there are no short-cuts.

The only acceptable result is cloth crafted to the highest standards, a work of art durable enough to be proudly worn in your everyday life but which, in the future, when you too are part of a story already told, will be an heirloom treasured by your descendants.

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Work Steps.

Method with modern design sensibility

Step 1: Dyeing

Thai silk yarns must be washed and degummed by immersing the skeins in large tubs of hot water then dried under the sun. Dyes are prepared in a dye bath. Once the dye is ready, the clean yarns are then immerse in the dye bath and boil with constant rotation of the yarn. The dyed yarns are hung in the shade to dry before they can be spun.


Step 2: Spinning

Thai silk yarns are then spun by hands on wooden or plastic tubes to be prepared for warp or weft. To make heavier silk, two or more weft yarns are reeled together by hands to make a thicker silk yarn. The more number of weft yarn reeled together, the heavier the silk fabric becomes. The term “ply” i.e. 2-ply, 4-ply, 6-ply is often used to indicate the weight of Thai silk fabric.


Step 3: Weaving

After the warp and weft are prepared, the loom is set and the weaving can begin. Most of the Thai silk is hand-woven which gives it a lustrous sheen and slightly uneven texture that distinguishes it from the sleek machine-woven fabric. 

Gradual Perfection

Weaving silk by hand loom is extremely time-consuming and requires special skills. On a very complicated weave, a skilled weaver can weave a few inches each day. For a simple plain weave, a fast weaver can weave a maximum of 9-10 yards a day .


Our team.

Mrs. Ornanong Visetsri

Head Production

Mr. Shayatad Visetsri

Head designer & CEO

Mr. Sajjapol Puripanyaroj

Head PR & Marketing


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